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ICYMI: Hovde Joins Fox News to discuss Border Crisis Impacts on Whitewater, WI

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MADISON – Wisconsin entrepreneur Eric Hovde joined America Reports on Fox News Monday to discuss the worsening border crisis and its impact on Whitewater, Wis. Hovde also criticized the latest attack ad from Sen. Baldwin’s allies and exposed her 95.5% rubber-stamp support for the Biden agenda that has resulted in runaway spending and crushing inflation. Throughout her nearly 40 years in politics, Sen. Baldwin has consistently taken positions that forced American jobs overseas to places like China.

On President Biden apologizing for using the term ‘illegals’ and the impacts of the Border Crisis on Whitewater:

“It encapsulates the problem with this White House: they’ve been taken over by the progressive Left.”

“Joe Biden has been pulled to the Left at every single turn on every single issue. Look, the immigration crisis is a humanitarian crisis. We’re losing 100,000 young people a year to fentanyl. I was with a sheriff from one of the border counties in Arizona, who said prior to President Biden being elected, they confiscated 6 million fentanyl pills. Last year, they confiscated 110 million fentanyl pills. They have lost track of 100,000 children. Now think of that, a lot of those children have ended up into the sex trade.”

“We’re already struggling to house and provide medical care for our own citizens, and now we have literally doubled the population of the state of Wisconsin where I’m running for the Senate, in three and a half years’ time. It’s insanity.”

“You know, the city of Denver, that hospital system in Denver two months ago, came out and said: We’re overwhelmed, don’t go to the emergency room. Well, the people in Whitewater are experiencing that same dynamic playing out.” 

On Tammy Baldwin’s new political ad of deception:

“Tammy Baldwin has voted for every single bad policy that has driven American businesses out of this country – tax policies, regulatory policies. So, companies here in America have moved manufacturing jobs to China and to Canada and Mexico, Vietnam. It’s the policies …  and the taxation rates that will keep jobs being created here.”

“She is one of the most extreme liberal politicians. Her voting record with Joe Biden, if you can believe this, is 95.5% of the time. She is a rubber stamp to the progressive Left.”