The American Dream

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Wisconsin Entrepreneur

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Why I’m Running

I feel like the American Dream is slipping away. I was born at a time when our country was strong – economically, socially, and viewed with enormous respect internationally. Now, like many other Americans, I feel like I’m watching that great country diminish as the American Dream becomes further and further out of reach for too many of my fellow citizens.

The economic path we’ve been on and the corruption that has been running rampant in Washington DC for the last 15 years, coupled with the disastrous last four years under Joe Biden’s administration… I don’t recognize my country anymore.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. I believe that we can restore the American Dream by coming together as Americans to solve the problems we face, rebuild our economy, strengthen our communities, and provide strength internationally. It is only through unity and perseverance that we can restore the American Dream for future generations.

Eric Hovde


Cost of Living

Cost of Living

Billions of dollars in spending under President Biden and Senator Baldwin has sent inflation – and our national debt – skyrocketing.



With over 10 million border crossings since President Biden took office, our communities are overwhelmed and our country is less safe.

Foreign Policy

Foreign Policy

Senator Baldwin and President Biden have put our nation’s security at risk with their weakness and inaction on the world stage.



We need a significant overhaul of our healthcare system that would reduce costs, expand accessibility, and increase transparency for Americans.




There are risks and costs to action. But they are far less than the long range risks of comfortable inaction.

― John F. Kennedy