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Hovde: ‘I Can’t Be Bought’

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WI Entrepreneur Promises To Donate Salary To Charity, Swears off Special Interests In New Ad

MADISON – Wisconsin entrepreneur Eric Hovde released a new campaign ad Friday, telling voters “I can’t be bought,” and promising to refuse corporate special interest donations. Hovde also announced plans to donate his entire salary to Wisconsin charities every year if elected.

“Career politicians sell themselves to special interests and end up working for them and not you,” Hovde says in the ad. “I’ve worked hard and been fortunate. I don’t need their special interest money and I won’t take it. If you decide to elect me as your next Senator, I’ll donate my entire salary to a Wisconsin charity every year. I’m Eric Hovde. I can’t be bought and I’ll put you and our country first.”

Hovde’s opponent, career politician Sen. Baldwin, has seen her wealth increase by as much as 641% since going to Washington 25 years ago.

The ad is currently airing statewide on broadcast television as well as on cable and satellite providers as part of the campaign’s initial multi-million dollar ad buy.

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