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Hovde Campaign Releases ‘Just Facts’ Video on the Need to Address the National Debt

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MADISON – Wisconsin entrepreneur Eric Hovde today released the next video in his “Just Facts” video series. The fourth video in the ongoing series is on why it is critical to address the skyrocketing national debt. Today’s “Just Facts” is a follow up to a previous video in the series focused on the debt.

Hovde noted as debt continues to rise, the Federal Reserve has to print money in order to keep up with the debt. This leads to successive rounds of inflation and a diminished quality of life for middle and working class Americans and people on fixed incomes.

“This needs to stop and it needs to stop now,” Hovde says in the video. “And we’ve got to put together a plan to start getting us out of all this debt and give our kids a future.”

Throughout the campaign, the “Just Facts” video series will cut through the hyperbole and campaign rhetoric that career politicians like Senator Baldwin use to distract from their glaring weaknesses — in Sen. Baldwin’s case, her nearly 40-year political career and her 96 percent, rubber-stamp support for the disastrous Biden agenda that has led to the family budget-busting inflation and the crisis at our southern border.

Keep an eye out for more “Just Facts” videos from Hovde in the coming weeks and months as he works to Restore the American Dream for Wisconsin families.

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