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Hovde Campaign Launches

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Welcomes VP to WI by Highlighting Baldwin’s Lockstep Support Of Biden Agenda With Microsite, Video

MADISON – Ahead of Vice President Kamala Harris’s visit to Madison Wednesday, the campaign for Wisconsin entrepreneur Eric Hovde released a video and microsite highlighting career politician Sen. Baldwin’s lockstep 95.5% support for the Biden-Harris agenda.

The video features bobblehead replicas of Pres. Biden and Sen. Baldwin nodding in agreement as a narrator details the consequences of their agenda: out of control inflation that hurts families and a crisis at our southern border that puts every American in danger.

The microsite highlights Sen. Baldwin’s nearly four decades as a career politician:

  • Sen. Baldwin’s rubber stamp support for the Biden administration’s agenda has increased costs for Wisconsin families by more than $10,000 per year.
  • Despite being a Washington politician for 25 years, Sen. Baldwin has only had seven bills she authored signed into law.
  • More than nine million people have illegally entered the country in recent years as a result of the Biden-Baldwin refusal to secure the border.”

“After nearly 40 years as a career politician, Sen. Baldwin just continues to nod along as the Biden agenda has resulted in high inflation, a crisis at our southern border and mountains of debt. Wisconsin deserves a leader like Eric Hovde, not a bobblehead like Sen. Baldwin,” Ben Voelkel, Hovde campaign senior advisor said.

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