Foreign Policy

Reclaiming America’s Position as a Strong Global Leader

The Biden Administration and Senator Baldwin have fueled the worst border crisis in our nation’s history. Their refusal to secure our southern border and enforce our immigration laws has put the security of our nation at great risk, allowed the unabated flow of drugs from Mexico and China, and created a humanitarian crisis for migrants.
The chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan was a shameful betrayal and an embarrassment. We abandoned our military base, withdrew our troops, and left behind $7 billion of weapons, military vehicles, and communications equipment that went straight into the hands of the Taliban. More importantly, we lost 13 American service members, deserted hundreds of US citizens, and thousands of allies who had risked their lives for our country and our troops.
Our retreat emboldened foreign adversaries to become more aggressive – and our allies have paid the price. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has stretched on for two years and cost hundreds of billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian lives. The war’s devastation of life and infrastructure will set the country back decades. The Iranian-backed Hamas attack on Israel in October resulted in more than 1,000 Israeli deaths. Despite Iran’s long history of financing terrorism, my opponent Senator Baldwin was one of the staunchest supporters of the Iran deal which sent billions of dollars and plane loads of cash to Iran. In East Asia, China continues to build an arsenal of warships and is upping their aggression towards Taiwan. Our involvement across the globe in multiple conflicts stretches thin our ability to protect our allies and emboldens our enemies.

By appeasing dictators and funding evil regimes, Senator Baldwin and President Biden have put American troops at risk and endangered nations all over the world. We must lead through deterrence, prioritizing our national security and the security of our allies by sending a clear message of strength to the world, to put an end to these wars and stop future ones from occurring.