The Economic Impact of Illegal Immigration

Another one of the big problems with this wave of illegal immigrations in our open borders, that President Biden and Senator Baldwin have supported, is the economic cost to Americans. If you look at what’s happening to the budgets of many cities and municipalities, they’ve gone upside down almost immediately because they have to care for all these people. So take the town of Whitewater here in Wisconsin, the town of about 13,000 people that had a thousand illegal immigrants placed into the community; almost immediately, their budget went upside down by $400,000. The city of Madison had $700,000 allocated to it through COVID, just transferred that money to care for illegal immigrants. This is happening all over the country. Big cities like New York, Chicago; their budgets are getting exploded because of this issue. But there’s even going to be a bigger cost, and that is going to be the cost in health care. Many of these illegal immigrants are coming to this country sick, and even if they aren’t sick when they first get here, they’re going to have to use Medical Services when they do get sick or injured. Well, they’re not paying anything into the system, so it’s bankrupting or causing great financial strain on many Hospital Systems. As a result, that cost will be transferred to you; there is no such thing as a free lunch. If a large group of people are using medical services and they’re not paying for it, the people that are paying for it will pay for it in either higher health insurance costs or direct payments to use those medical services. So at every level, this is having a bad economic effect on Americans. The border needs to be closed.