Secure Our Border

There was a young nursing student recently killed in Athens, Georgia by an illegal immigrant. I’ve got to tell you, this touched me personally because my older daughter went to Athens, and I can’t imagine the grief that her parents and family are going through right now. It’s inconceivable what we’ve allowed to happen on our southern border by allowing 9 to 12 million people pour across, many of them illegals, many of them by countries like Venezuela that are emptying their jails into our country. We also had a gentleman up in northern Wisconsin who lost his life because he was driving a truck and a repeat drunk driver ran his car into his truck and killed him. He was the father of three girls. I can’t imagine the grief his wife and his daughters are experiencing. It’s time this insanity on our southern border stop. Joe Biden and the Democrats in Congress have opened our borders and have allowed this to go on for three plus years. Our borders need to be closed. And if Senator Baldwin won’t take this seriously and try to do something about it, I can assure you I will.