Crime & Terrorism

Our open border policy has also created enormous risk for our country. First in regards to crime, we’ve seen a spike in crime by illegal immigrants. Everybody’s talked about Laken Riley, the young girl that was killed in Athens, Georgia. But there have been many other people that have died at the hands of illegal immigrants. And just last month, there were three different cases of illegal immigrants raping teenage girls. So the litany of crime problems are scattered all throughout our country. Now, many good people are coming across our border, but we know that places like Venezuela are dumping their prison cells and their psych wards into the United States, just like Fidel Castro did during the Mariel boat lift in the late 70s and early 80s. That caused a massive crime problem for South Florida for five, six years, until they were able to clean it up and incarcerate those people. An even potential bigger risk to our country is a major terrorist incident. We know that they’ve apprehended 351 individuals that were on the terrorist watch list. Now, those are the individuals that they’ve apprehended. How many came over into our country that we don’t know about? That is the problem with our open border that President Biden has supported. And his allies, like Senator Baldwin, has been a rubber stamp for his policies. There’s a lot of bad actors coming into our country. That’s why our border needs to be closed. We need to protect America’s security. First and foremost, we have a legal immigration process for people to come through. That’s how they should enter our country. But to open our border, to allow criminals to cross into our border, to allow potential terrorists to come into our country is completely unacceptable and it needs to stop. And if I get to the U.S. Senate I will do everything in my power to put it to an end.